Groton, SD


1,509 (circa 2016)

School District


High School - 406 North 2nd Street

(605) 397-8381

Interesting Facts

Groton, located in the northeastern corner of South Dakota, was first  organized in 1881 as a railroad stop. This small but growing town is  favorably located at the junction of two major highways (US Highway 12  and SD Highway 37). Groton is one of five small towns in South Dakota  with an increasing population (1400 in the 2010 census) due to its  excellent school system, a healthy business district, and a large range of  recreational activities. Continuing to meet the needs of its citizens of all  ages, the city built a new swimming pool (2009), completed the new ice  skating rink (2010), and maintains an impressive baseball/softball  complex and soccer field. Tennis courts, a basketball court, a walking path  in the city park along with a playground, and a nine-hole golf course are  all popular attractions in this family-friendly community 

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